Veronica & Paul’s Fall Wedding

🍁Fall 2022 was marked by a truly unforgettable wedding experience, as Veronica and Paul chose to tie the knot amidst the breathtaking scenery of Forest and Stream Club. As a photographer, I was spellbound by the riot of autumnal colors - hues of amber, crimson and gold set a dreamy, intimate backdrop for the celebration.

What stood out most about Veronica and Paul's day was their extraordinary connection. Each glance they shared, every tender moment between them, seemed to echo the vibrant warmth of the season. I was privileged to capture their love story, with the serene Saint Lawrence River and the majestic Victorian manor adding an air of timeless elegance to each frame.

Their wedding album is unique, filled with a fusion of candid moments and stunning landscapes. Veronica and Paul's love for each other was as palpable as the chill in the autumn air, and their joy was as vibrant as the fall foliage. It was as though nature itself conspired to celebrate their union, painting a perfect canvas for their new beginning.

Take a glimpse of this magical day below. #FallWedding #VeronicaPaulWedding #MomentsToFrames

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