Shoham & Meghan

📸Capturing the essence of two distinct cultures merging into one beautiful love story was a truly remarkable experience at Shoham and Meghan's wedding. The nuptials spanned over two days, each brimming with unique traditions and heartwarming moments.

Day one was dedicated to a traditional Bengali wedding at L'Ambroisie Espace Canal.🕌 An enchanting setup with vibrant marigolds, intricate Alpana designs, and a beautifully adorned Mandap created a perfect setting for Shoham and Meghan's Bengali rituals. Their joyous laughter and shared glances as they followed ancestral customs was a sight to behold.

On the second day, the Scottish heritage shone brightly as the couple exchanged vows in a traditional ceremony at Le Belvedere in Old Montreal. The panoramic views of the city and the harbor added to the charm of their heartfelt vows. 🏰💍

A personal highlight was capturing the couple amidst the hustle and bustle of Old Port. Their love sparkled against the backdrop of cobblestone streets and historic buildings, creating a magical juxtaposition of old-world charm and contemporary romance.

Shoham and Meghan's multicultural wedding album is a vibrant blend of tradition, love, and the beautiful city of Montreal. Relive these beautiful moments below.

Venue: Le Belvedere, L'Ambroisie Espace Canal

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